How Helioid Benefits Users

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The simple answer to how Helioid benefits users is that Helioid represents information and information navigation in a more efficient manner. This gets a complex when looking at how each individual uses the internet and searches for information, but still the core is the same. A current issue with web search, as Google’s Marissa Mayer “explains”:, is that it is undeveloped and not advanced, “Think of it like biology and physics in the 1500s or 1600s: it’s a new science where we make big and exciting breakthroughs all the time.”

h4. Some specific problems in this new science:

  • No representation of relationships between search results on a content or conceptual level ** Information connections are “in the dark”
  • No (or extremely little) representation of relationships between search results on a physical hyperlink level
  • Searchers must play guessing game of coming up with correct keywords in order to get more relevant results
  • No ability to refine search or to narrow in on correct result or concept ** Searchers must start over with every new search they execute

h4. Some of the solutions Helioid provides:

  • Clear representations of connections between search results ** On a concept level ** On a link level
  • Clear representations of categories that a search result and groups of search results fall into ** Representation subject matter shared between different results for the same query
  • Can refine search so and therefore do not have to start over from scratch ** Can eliminate results or terms from search results to refine search and zoom in on wanted information ** Can save results and search query and then continue searching later