It's a Glog!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Helioid Team has launched a new tool to share and comment upon Google searches that fall short of satisfactory, and to take a look at other Googlers’ struggles. We affectionately call it the Glog. Back in January, we somewhat merrily reported on a spate of bloggers’ criticisms of Google’s performance on certain searches, some of which paralleled arguments we’ve been making about the need for more varied approaches to search since 2008. The reason for our merriness was that search startups in general, including Helioid, encounter a pervasive attitude that there’s no room for new players in search, largely because Google does such a good job with the majority of people’s queries. But, as we and a number of others have argued for some time, there are many searches with which Google still struggles, such as searches involving ambiguous queries or spam-saturated searches for song lyrics or home appliances.

Enter the Glog. Submit your query and your comments on what you wanted and didn’t quite get, and your Glog post will immediately be added to the stack. The idea is to go beyond griping about the frustrations we’ve had with some Google searches, to directly capturing some examples of the sources of those frustrations. By keeping a collectively compiled log of the areas in which the web search status quo doesn’t quite get the job done, we can further dispel the myth that there’s no room for more players in search, while providing brain storm fuel for any and all of our fellow innovators in the field.