Helioid Reviewed on TechWeb.com.cn and Winmani

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On August 4th of last week TechWeb.com.cn released a review of Helioid in Chinese (English translation). Here’s a quote from the translation edited for grammar:

What is unique about it? Compared with conventional search engines, Helioid places search results on the left column with filtering options, users can choose which filter option, or simply show only some of the options. Provides fast and efficient search results. Support for Chinese search.


Below is the screen shot included in the TechWeb.com.cn article:

A day earlier, on August 3rd, Winmani also released a review of Helioid in Tamil (English translation). The translation quality is poor, so we’ve chosen what sounds like a complementary koan:

Search results are quickly and wisely.


If there’s anyone who is able to help us out with a better Tamil to English translation we would be much obliged. Here’s the screen shot included in the Winmani article: