TREC 2011 Final Results Published

Monday, July 16, 2012

Helioid is committed to testing and proving our approaches to search against information retrieval problems affecting a wide range of research-oriented fields. As such, Helioid was a participant in the TREC 2011 Legal Track challenge, all submissions and results of which are now public.

The TREC 2011 Legal Track challenged participants to rank and score a large corpus of emails seized by the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission from Enron, during the company’s investigation for corruption and accounting fraud. Documents had to be scored according to responsiveness to a set of topics that were meant to represent the kinds of requests for production council might encounter in an actual case. Helioid’s approach made use of relevance feedback, returning an initial set of results and using a subset of the results, deemed relevant to what the hypothetical user is looking for, to expand the original query, and use the query expansion to reorder and personalize the results to the user’s needs. In a real legal case, this kind of feedback-reenforced personalization might reduce time and expenses associated with the review process, which is pretty sweet. Take a look at our submission and the result overviews.